Why Chem-Dry


Chem-Dry of Winston Salem’s carpet cleaning process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning. Carpets dry within 1 to 2 hours, versus 1 to 2 days — meaning you and your family can get back to enjoying your home much sooner.


Just like club soda, our primary solution is carbonated and penetrates deep into your carpets fibers, giving you the most thorough clean. And it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, or surfactants, so no dirt-attracting residue is left behind. This means you’ll have carpets that stay cleaner, longer.


Our low-water, faster-drying clean means less risk of mold and mildew growth under your carpet that can result from the excessive water used by most steam cleaners. And our main carpet cleaning solution is green-certified, so it’s completely safe and non-toxic for your family and pets. That adds up to a healthier, safer carpet cleaning that lasts.

Did you know that when you use carpet cleaning products other than those certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) you void your warranty?

Why Chem-Dry pg

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about that because someone else was cleaning up your spots? One of our premiere programs here at Chem-Dry of Winston-Salem NC is our Continual Care.

Continual Care helps maintain your carpet so they will stay looking refreshed and beautiful. Continual care provides you with unlimited free spot cleans from Chem-Dry of Winston Salem. You drop a plate of food or a child spills their juice, give us a call and we will take care of it. Continual Care is truly an invaluable service for everyday accidents and emergencies.

At Chem-Dry of Winston Salem, we strive to be the most professional carpet cleaning service in the area. Our hot water extraction process, with the power of carbonation, has been certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America. Our carbonated solution is designed to lift the soil in the carpet to the surface so it can easily be extracted with our Powerhead®, a high performance unit that applies the solution while at the same time extracting water and dirt from your carpets.